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I recently had the requirement to inject the content of an email into an existing page of a website. The problem with just including the full HTML content of an email is that, if the included email includes any CSS styles this will effect the actual website. I was seeing all links turning blue and being underlined for example which was a totally different style to the site itself. But as you can imagine this could cause all sorts of problems.

So thinking about the best approach to including this content I came to the conclusion an <iframe> would do the job. When using an <iframe> you would usually include a src url to embed within the frame. In this instance I did not have a url for the email content as I had the content available to me on the page.

After a bit of Googling I found that you can actually include a frame on the page and then set the actual html content for the frame. You can see an example of the approach taken below:

See the Pen Inject iframe Content by John Walker (@johnw86) on CodePen.