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I have finally put together a new website after 6 years of not touching any of my old sites. I decided it was time as I was becoming increasingly embarrassed by the old sites. Worried that anyone who looked into my previous work history would see a bunch of old looking websites or 404s.

Portfolio site

The old portfolio website certainly did serve its purpose though as it was a nice quick an easy way to showcase my previous work during interviews. I could pull it up and talk through the different sites. It also ensured that I didn’t draw a blank in those interviews trying to remember them.

Old portfolio


I put together the old blog site during my early years of working at my first proper agency. Using it as a tool to help learn but also pass information onto others. But the content had become so outdated it was certainly time for it to go.

Old blog

The new site

With the new site, I really do have the best of intentions of trying to blog a lot more. But I know from past experience that sticking to that promise is more difficult than it sounds.

I do a lot of back-end ASP.NET MVC development these days so I’m hoping that having a blog I can use some of my spare time to learn and blog about some other technologies.